Success Story: Lesotho

January 2009

Volunteer health workers like Mamorena Namane help the IYCN Project reach out to communities. Mamorena is from rural Lesotho, a country in southern Africa, where more than one-third of children younger than five years of age are short in stature. In her community, mothers often delay breastfeeding until their baby’s umbilical cord falls off—a common cultural practice that can leave them susceptible to illness. When pregnant with her second child, Mamorena participated in an IYCN training workshop and learned the benefits of good breastfeeding practices. Her first child was frequently ill as an infant, but Mamorena breastfed her second child immediately, and he has grown into a big, healthy boy. Now, Mamorena talks with other women in her community about optimal breastfeeding practices and helps them overcome cultural barriers so that their children may be healthy, too.

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