Bringing nutrition to the forefront of agriculture: A forum for agriculture project designers

Washington, DC, September 7, 2011

More than 70 colleagues joined the IYCN Project and the Alliance to End Hunger to discuss the linkages between agriculture and nutrition programming. The half-day event featured a forum on the integration of nutritional concerns into agricultural programming, and a practicum on the assessment and improvement of agricultural project designs to maximize nutrition and food security outcomes. The discussion forum focused on a review of evidence on the nutrition and food security impacts of agriculture interventions, and best practices that emerged from the review. IYCN introduced newly revised planning tools for promoting and protecting the nutritional concerns of mothers and children in agricultural development efforts. Ann Steensland, Chief of Staff, Alliance to End Hunger, moderated the event.

Download the presentations:

Review of Experience: Agriculture, food security, and nutrition

Maximizing Nutritional Benefits of Agricultural Interventions: Do good, but above all do not harm