CORE Group Fall Meeting

Washington, DC, September 14–15, 2010

Designing Agricultural Investments that Support Improved Maternal and Child Nutrition

IYCN Project Technical Director Dr. Tom Schaetzel participated in a plenary on September 14. Panelists discussed how agriculture programs can achieve improved nutrition, especially for the most vulnerable of populations—pregnant and lactating women, children younger than 2 years, and economically marginalized groups.


Victoria Quinn, Senior Vice President, Helen Keller International, discussed strategies and outcomes for reducing maternal and young child micronutrient deficiency through food-based approaches.

Tom Schaetzel, Technical Director, IYCN Project, presented the results of a literature review of lessons learned to date in strategies to maximize nutritional benefits of agriculture projects.

David Pelletier, Associate Professor, Cornell University College of Human Ecology, spoke about an innovative program assessment guide used in planning agricultural interventions to achieve nutrition and food security outcomes.

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