CORE Group Spring Meeting

Baltimore, MD, May 9–13, 2011

Influencing the Influencers

On May 12, IYCN hosted Influencing the Influencers, a session to explore the power of involving community influencers to change health behaviors. Catharine Taylor, Global Program Leader, Maternal and Child Health/Nutrition, PATH, moderated the session. The panelists included Kiersten Israel-Ballard from PATH, Altrena Mukuria from the IYCN Project, and Leah Freij from the Extending Service Delivery Project. They discussed effective strategies for identifying and engaging influential community members in global health programs. Also at the conference, on May 11, Nicole Racine, IYCN consultant, presented IYCN’s experience and findings from pretesting infant and young child feeding counseling cards in Haiti.

Download presentations from the CORE Group Spring Meeting: