Shaping policies to improve nutrition

The Infant and Young Child Nutrition (IYCN) Project helps countries establish policies and guidelines aimed at preventing malnutrition and increasing children’s chances to flourish and lead productive lives. Working in Africa, Asia, and Latin America […]

New IYCN activities in Kenya

March 2009 An IYCN assessment found that HIV-positive mothers in Kenya are putting their babies at increased risk of HIV infection because they stop exclusive breastfeeding too early. To give children a chance for a […]

IYCN welcomes Tom Schaetzel

March 2009 We are pleased to welcome Tom Schaetzel as our new technical director. Dr. Schaetzel will lead the project’s technical initiatives and global leadership activities. Before joining our team, he was the nutrition adviser […]

Success Story: Lesotho

January 2009 Volunteer health workers like Mamorena Namane help the IYCN Project reach out to communities. Mamorena is from rural Lesotho, a country in southern Africa, where more than one-third of children younger than five […]